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Online Backgammon Tournaments

What is a match play in online backgammon tournaments?

When backgammon tournaments take place to determine the grand prize winner, the customary style of competition is match play. Competitors are paired into twos, and each pair of backgammon players plays a series of online backgammon games to determine which player advances to the next round of the online backgammon tournament. This series of backgammon games is called a match. Match play is very popular on backgammon gaming web sites.

Matches are played to a fixed number of points. The first backgammon player to accrue the required points wins the backgammon match. Here is how points are awarded in a match play:

•  1 for a single game

•  2 for a gammon

•  3 for a backgammon

Match plays uses the doubling cube, and the winner of each online backgammon game receives points equal to the value of the game times by the final value of the doubling cube.

The following are not used in backgammon match plays:

•  Automatic doubles

•  Beavers

•  Jacoby Rule

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