Great backgammon gaming graphics to make your backgammon online playing experience the best that it can be on the Web!


To start playing backgammon at, download our exclusive backgammon software.

How to Download the Free Online Backgammon Software at

•  Click Download on this screen.

•  Click Save to save the file.

•  Choose a location to save the backgammon games your computer. It is recommended to save it to your Windows Desktop for easy access, but you may choose another location. Note: If you save the program in a folder other than your Windows Desktop, please remember the exact location.

•  Select Save to save the file.

•  The file will start downloading to your computer, and you will see a status bar. Once the download is complete, the message Download Complete is displayed.

•  Double-click the file to open the file.

•  The Gammon-Planet automatic installer guides you through the installation process.

•  Double-click Gammon-Planet logo on your Windows desktop.

•  Click New User to open a new account.

•  As soon as you have registered as a new user, you can start to play online backgammon.

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